Zone Name: El Cantara

El cantara

Zone Type: Explore


Low level xp is alright here, explore is quick and easy.


No real eq of note.


Explore walkthrough

1. From @ u n w u s w all s u w n
2. s e d all n e 3n u 2w 2s dispel and ice scribe (!melee) loot quill
3. 2n 2e d 2n 2w 2n
4. 2s 2e 4s d e n e 4n 2e 2n
5. 2s 2w n u
6. d n 2w buy brittle buy tartlet
7. 2e 2n u
8. d all n u e open gate all e
9. 3w all n Ice king
10. all s open door 2s search u ice scribe loot scroll