Heal ItemsEdit


  • In Naeramae: from @: 2u, o gate,2s,3e, c eth e,2e,3s,c eth e, dispel and kill Branae.


  • In Naeramae: from branae: 1w,3s,c eth w, steal horn osrava (or dispel and kill osrava)


  • In Ruellia: From entrance: d, n, n, w, n. 2. n, d, e, n, e, e (You should be at "bottom of waterfall"), n (illusion), search
  • n, kill Lychnis, and get the snare, s, s, w, u, 6n, 4e to "beside the valley walls"
  • search, e, u, n, n, w, u, n, w, w to "an icy intersection"
  • This next part is annoying. Occasionally, at random, you will fall off the ledge . If that happens, go d, s, s, 6e, and start over at beside the valley walls.
  • n, n, e, n, u, e, n, n, n, w, n After that sequence, you will be safe from falling anymore.
  • n, e, u, n, n, d, w, n, d, n, n, n, e, n to "before some gates"
  • The guards will block you. Kill them or charm them and move 1 room south open gate, n, w, w, n, w, n, n, 4e, n, n, 3e, s, open door, e dispel and kill petitioner for the book."


  • in Vanlarra: from recall go all north, open gate, go all north, open door(s), go all north (should be at stairwell).
  • Search, ENTER CPK DOWN, then go south, east and west exits both have withered ghouls, kill them they load the staves.
  • Go west or east again depending on the exit, then south and then west or east, there will be more ghouls. Kill them for staves. There should be 4 ghouls total per pop each loading a staff. Repop is every 30 mins.


  • in Pirate Ship - Pearls are newbie versions of the heal staff and are very easy to pop. Various pirates on ship will load this.

Orb of LifeEdit

  • in Catacombs of Toshi - Found on the Queen ants in the lower chambers.


There are many more room/form heal items. Please add them if you have details on them.

Object: a staff with two intertwining snakes [staff snakes]
Item Type: WAND   Effects: NoBits
Equipable Location(s): TAKE HOLD 
Weight: 5     Value: 5000     Level Restriction: 10
The object appears to be in perfect pristine condition.
Days Left: 185
Level 21 spell of Heal.  Holds 3 charges and has 3 charges left.

This item loads within G'dangus. Please note that is a WAND which means it can only be cast on individual players NOT the entire room like a true heal staff.