Zone Name: New Ashton

New ashton

Zone Type: Xp/Explore


Npk areas can be decent xp. Most eq here has one decent stat and one awful stat making the eq rather useless. Only a couple pieces of usable eq load here.




Explore walkthrough

1. From southern @ find the boy with the pump and and Draug with the gate key. Kill and loot. Both load near southern entrance, often in the first room of the zone.
2. From south entrance go all north unlock gate open gate all n e n u 2e u s w u e kill Ro the Bastard
3. u n find the Fire Demon (wanders this 3x3 area) Ice and loot
4. Cast transport d s 3e all s w s e search s search all d
5. Ice at least 10 hollow corpses in this area and on the path to the end of the walkthrough
6. From entrance to this area n e dispel and kill Crier
7. all e unlock door open door n dispel and kill Nurse Kana loot key
8. s unlock stalactite open stalactite s 2e Kill Klog loot key
9. w unlock stalactite open stalactite s 2w pick/unlock door open door s Kill Edo loot key
10. n unlock stalactite open stalactite w kill lava
11. w all s unlock door open door s kill guards loot candlestick
12. unlock trapdoor open trapdoor u kill Mayor
13. d 9n kill 4 tunnel dwellers along the path n
14. all n search 2n kill Great Blades
15. open gate n kill Eruptor