Zone Name: The Ancestral City of Evermist


Zone Type: XP/Explore


Xp isn't bad here but a lot of it is fireshielded so it's largely frustrating. Explore is soloable in the mid to upper 20's. Would suggest having sneak.




Explore walkthrough

1. From @ 2n e n all e n kill Alelia

2. hidden east from Alelia for bird bath
3. s all w s w n w search all d n w n e search u search u search n w all s kill Haylia loot key
4. all n d 8s 2e n search hay bale and loot needle

5. 4 s e open window e (for birdbath)

6. find third birdbath in graveyard areas (northwest crner of zone)

7. kill two city guards (wander the streets in this area)
8. To get back into mansion from entrance to maze 3n w n
9. all n u 2s open door w search d pick panel open panel d s 2e d e (through hidden)
10. 2 e look virgin 

11. all e n search e d dispel and kill Rhiel loot key
12. all n unl bars n open bars n dispel and kill Maelia loot book
13. all s u w s 2w search d all n e search e open trapdoor d all n dispel sanc and kill queen (fireshield doesn't dispel)