Zone Name: The Labyrinth


Zone Type: Low level XP


This is a low-level newbie zone that can be used for xp but is not recommended as there are better places to xp in the 14-17 level range (the suggested level range for solo).

Zone: [3] The Labyrinth
Designer(s): Highlander/Vryce
Rooms: 100
Life Span: 6 minutes
PK Type: L
Large Group: Levels [9-12]
Med. Group: Levels [10-14]
Solo: Levels [14-17]

This is a vast system of interconnected passages located to the east of the City of Medievia. Heed well the warnings of the magic mouth at its entrance, as many young bloods have never made it out alive. It is rumored that the great Goblin King himself has an entire castle located somewhere within these depths, and many of those who did escape have reported that there are shops in the passages.